Friday, October 3, 2014

Lets Get Started

Let me start off by saying I'm not a doctor and I'm not making any medical claims here.  Always speak to your doctor if you have any questions about your health!

I can only tell you what works & what doesn't work for me, everyone is different, and every person's body responds differently. 

I started using Plexus Slim a few months ago and like the average person I have fallen off the wagon a few times.  I have fallen into the trap of "I'll start on Monday" "I'll start after vacation" "I'll start after my birthday"  and at this rate I'll never start!   I'm starting now, and I'm putting it out there for everyone to see.  Join me if you wish.   I love the Plexus products, they make me feel great, I just need to remember to take them.  A few months ago I developed tendinitis in my wrist and it just wasn't getting better.  About 2 weeks ago I starting taking Plexus Fast Relief Joint Health, and my tendonitis has almost disappeared. 

Plexus Slim is not a quick weight loss drug! You can't eat a gallon of ice cream and drink a gallon of pop, and expect to lose weight just because your taking Plexus!  But, if you eat decently, and exercise (at least a little bit) Plexus will help you lose weight. 

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