Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My Personal Testimony

I'm a real person, not a robot, or a fictional character made up to sell health products.   I'm a real person who is not perfect, I'm just like you!   I have been using Plexus Products for a few months and here is how they have changed my life. 

Some of you have been asking me “Jamie, you’re selling Plexus Products, but how have they helped you?” So, let me tell you. I was introduced to Plexus by some wonderful ladies who I go to church with. I was able to see first hand how these products were helping them with various health issues. I went to an information meeting in June, and after hearing the wonderful testimonies, I thought I would give it a try. Don’t forget, there is a 60 day, money back guarantee, so I had nothing to lose by trying it! Well like a lot of people I had a hard time getting in the routine of drinking my pink drink consistently, but after 4-5 weeks it became a good habit, and that’s when I starting feeling the difference.

I didn’t start using Plexus for the weight loss, I wanted more energy (but if I lost some weight it would be an added bonus!) Working full time and being a mom of 3 great girls, by the time I got home from work, made supper, and did chores, I was so tired. I felt like I wasn’t giving my kids & husband the attention that they deserved. Almost immediately I noticed my increased energy and decreased sugar cravings!

I have had tendonitis in my wrist (which I’m sure has nothing to do with typing 8 hours a day, or carrying around a squirmy 2 year old!) Anyway, I had the tendonitis for 3-4 months, and it wasn’t getting better, actually it was getting worse. Then I started using Plexus Fast Relief, and while it took 3-4 weeks to heal the damage, my wrist is now at 100%. Also, for the last 10+ years I have had Psoriasis on both my hands, which can be quite painful when it flares up. Since starting Plexus my Psoriasis has cleared %75-%85, and the flare ups have been much less frequent and severe. Not to mention that my complexion is much clearer and people have told me I have a “healthy glow”. These products have also helped decrease my migraines & headaches.

Now on to the weight loss part. I haven’t been recording my weight because like I said, that wasn’t my main goal when I started using these products. But, I went to put on a pair of pants this morning that I haven’t worn in 3-4 weeks, you know, the kind that fit, but you have to suck it in! Well this time I was surprised that I didn’t have to suck it in.

Plexus has so many products that have been known to help with symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Diabetes, Crones, Lyme disease, Nerve inflammation, and more! Plexus products are also known to help ease the symptoms of Autism (Tristyn) & ADHD (Maddy), but like any good mother I won’t give my children anything until I have discussed it with their doctor, which I will be doing at their next appointment. If you have any apprehension, I encourage you do the same. Ingredient lists for all products are available on the website for you to print out and show your doctor.

Remember I am offering a FREE bottle of Boost to the first person who places an order as a preferred customer, and don’t forget the 60 day, money back guarantee! What do you have to lose!

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